After a career break to have two children, returning to a corporate profile was not my prime choice. During that break, I took a plunge to do something of my own to give me flexibility to work around the kids. Being brought up in India where jewellery is considered as a symbol of esteem for women and has become a main part of tradition and culture, doing something related to jewellery was a natural choice.

I’m not professionally qualified designer but my aptitude to amalgamate fashion with nature and its jewels has inspired me to design. With production unit in India, where every stone is cut and handcrafted by skilled artisans, my opulent yet modest jewellery collections make a unique display of ‘Bold and Elegance’. I focus on keeping the beauty of natural stones intact while incorporating them in the designs. I also offer choice to tailor jewellery pieces to make them truly special for my clients as well.

We hope you love our collections as much as we do.



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